Park Shi-hoo to Return in 2014!

by: Raine

haru-hana3-724x1024So I’m sure you guys are not surprised that I’m reporting on Park Shi-hoo’s comeback. I was silent for a while as he’s been relatively silent and also to let the hullabaloo die down. My opinion, in case you want to know, is that the whole thing was a huge fucking mistake on his part and that the entire situation hurt both men and women. Women will now think twice before reporting and men will suffer from false accusations. Not cool.

Anywho, basic news on PSH is as follows:

  1. His popularity continues outside of Korea, especially in Japan and China.
  2. He has been active, most recently in Japan.
  3. Latest reports suggest that he’s coming back with a foreign project first, a Chinese project. Most of us predicted that would happen.

In any case, the man is trying to break back in. If he comes back early 2014, it will be a year since his hiatus.

8 responses to “Park Shi-hoo to Return in 2014!”

  1. Hi there. I actually read your blogs many times because I am a huge Park Shi Hoo fan. But I never found the time to comment. Despite what is happening around him, I choose to believe him. What is more important here is that he is already moving on from this terrible drama he is in and I hoped and pray that everything will be alright in the end. I am actually a fanfic writer at asianfanfics and the subject of my sole obsession is Park Shi Hoo himself. Even though the scandal boomed when I am currently writing a story about him, I still continued writing. In fact, it didn’t dissuade me from writing the story. It actually motivated me and my writing is sort of my undying support for him. If you are interested, you can check the story here;

    Anyways, I am really thankful that he is moving on and I think, we fans should too. More power to you and please don’t give up your beautiful love for Park Shi Hoo Raine!

  2. Raine, good news! Glad everything went well at Shi Hoo. I hope that what happened to make him stronger. He is a great actor I began to appreciate and believe it was just an unfortunate situation to embarrass him. And only served to bring Park Shi Hoo those who really like him – from all over the planet. Hugs from Brazil.

  3. fantastique, mon amie!
    great news for all of us who have decided to stand by him in good times and in bad times.
    always we believe in PSH.

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