Raine and Lil’ Raine React to Toheart’s “Delicious”

by: Raine

Raine: So Lil’ Raine and I have endeavored to make our faces and voices known to you via vlogging! I’m pretty awful with filming and editing and I’m hoping to get better. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Hating will be deleted. So there!

However, we did enjoy recording this and reacting to the video and OMG OUR BABIES!

Lil’ Raine: This wasn’t supposed to be published. Bitch.

Raine: Oops?

Lil’ Raine: Still a bitch.

Raine: You’re mean. Also, next time we should wear make-up. And film downstairs. With no horrid backlighting like in Bride of the Century.

Lil’ Raine: And use my HD webcam.

Raine: Agreed! Enjoy folks. We’ll introduce the kitties to you next time.

Lil’ Raine: Gotta be quick with Timmy.

Raine: He’s camera shy…

One response to “Raine and Lil’ Raine React to Toheart’s “Delicious””

  1. Lol. You two are adorable! I feel the same about the song as you guys. And yeah, the box set. *sigh* #SMproblems and I agree about the dancing. I LURVED the bunk beds and the extras at the end were the best. They’re adorable! And I love how much they adore each other.

    And I would love to meet your adorable cats ^^

    And if you’re going to do a MV reaction again, the only video advice I would give is to make the MV a tad bigger. ^^

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