Heartless City: Character Introductions

by: Raine

There are a lot of characters in Heartless City. So as I recap I’ll be adding details and photographs for everyone. Enjoy!

character introductions

Jung Shi-hyun/Paksa Adeul

Actor: Jung Kyung-ho

Nickname: Paksa

Mysterious, badass, sexy, and heavily involved in a drug ring. He’s attempting a coup and has a lot of people mad at him!

Yoon Soo-min

Actor: Nam Gyu-ri

Nickname: none

A dongsaeng/little sister to Kyung-mi who seems to get herself into trouble. She works at a convenience store and has no cell phone…as of episode 1.

Ji Hyung-min

Actor: Lee Jae-yoon

Nickname: none

He has returned to the police force against his girlfriend, Kyung-mi’s, wishes. He was studying to be a prosecutor, but instead chooses to come back to the force and track down nasty badguy, Joeul. He’s a pretty rough cop who doesn’t like his woman in harm’s way.

Min Hong-ki

Actor: Son Chang-min

Nickname: Chief Min

The chief of police and the man in charge of some undercover cops. He brings Hyung-min back to the force and promises to have his back. But he strangely ripped up his award for excellence. Why?

Lee Jin-sook

Actor: Kim Yoo-mi

Nickname: None

Not yet introduced as of episode 1! Just wait for it….

Moon Duk-bae/Safari

Actor: Choi Moo-sung

Nickname: None

Not yet introduced as of episode 1! Just wait for it….

Kim Hyun-soo/Soo

Actor: Yoon Hyun-min

Nickname: None

Action-loving friend of Paksa who has lots of connections in the drug underworld.


Actor: Kim Byung-ok

Nickname: None

Creepy higher up of the drug world who likes to take bats to people’s heads. He’s also a questionable, but loving, father of a 9 or 10-year-old son.

Lee Kyung-mi

Actor: Go Na-eun

Nickname: None

A rather gutsy albeit impulsive detective who is dating Ji Hyung-min. She does not want to stay still just so she can be safe.

Detective Kim Do-hoon

Actor: Lee Moo-saeng

Nickname: None

A cranky detective who seems to favor Kyung-mi. Me senses a crush…

Meth Kim

Actor: Kim Min-sang

Nickname: None

A regional lacky of Joeul’s.


Actor: Kim Hyo-sun

Nickname: None

Oh Jung-yun

Actor: Jung Soo-young

Nickname: None

Jo Ha-neul

Actor: Jung Ji-soon

Nickname: Director Jo


Actor: Jung Moon-sung

Nickname: None

Paksa’s right hand man.

Ahn Kyung-chan

Actor: Kim Jung-hak

Nickname: None

A dirty prosecutor.

Chairman Jo

Actor: Kim Jong-goo

Nickname: Busan

Cha Hyo-joo

Actor: Song Min-ji

Nickname: Reporter Cha



Nickname: None

A lackey of Joeul’s.

Squad Chief Yang

Actor: Park Soo-young

Nickname: None

Detective Shin (Choi Kwon),

Detective Shin

Actor: Choi Kwon

Nickname: None

Maknae/rookie detective

Ji Man-hee

Actor: Gil Yong-woo

Nickname: None


Actor: Shim Min

Nickname: None

Soo-min’s friend.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: jTBC

Broadcast Period: 5.27.13 to 8.30.13

Air Time: Monday and Tuesdayy 21:50

Director: Lee Jung-hyo

Screenwriter: Yoo Sung-yul

Korean title: 무정도시

Recaps: 1

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