Going to the Movies in Korea!

by: Raine

Ever wonder what it’s like to go to the movies in Korea? Well, it’s just as swanky as you see in the dramas! At least the Megabox in Haeundae that I went to during the Korea Joa 2015 trip was! I went to see The Silenced as a part of BIFF 2015 and even got to attend the Park Bo-yeong Q&A there.

Also, I must apologize to the cleaning crew at the theatres: I’m sorry I’m such a clutz and that I spilled my two-flavored (cheese and caramel) popcorn all over the floor. And then I knocked my phone onto the ground as well. Perhaps I was too overwhelmed by the experience to remain a non-spaztic human being.

Click here to read about the Megabox Theater!

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