HanCinema Review: Descendants of the Sun Episode 1


It’s finally here, folks! KBS‘s first pre-produced, star-studded drama Descendants of the Sun. The drama dominated the charts at whopping 14.3%. It’s Song Joong-ki‘s first drama after his mandatory military service, which is all too fitting. He as Soldier Yoo Si-jin is joined by Song Hye-kyo as war doctor Kang Mo-yeon, Jin Goo as Soldier Seo Dae-yeong, and as war doctor Yoon Myeong-joo, Kim Ji-won. From the trailers we knew that romance is the thread that will weave through the story, but war and it’s trials and horrors will drive the plot as it brings people together and tears them apart. We’ve been teased for months, and now, without further ado, I bring to you my review of episode 1.

Those fans who have been waiting for Song Joong-ki’s comeback will not be disappointed by the role he has chosen, his performance, and, of course, by his post-military body. But before I delve into his role, I have to say that the pre-production is evident. So far, I’m a major fan. The polish on this episode was buffed to a perfect shine. Yes, this is the first episode and it may not last, but even the cuts on the product placement were slick. Light, sound, color, and music were craftily coordinated in fight scenes or scenes full of tension. Camera cuts were well-thought out and the dialogue is well-timed with a touch of humor.

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