HanCinema Review: Descendants of the Sun Episode 2

DOTS_ep 2

If episode one of Descendants of the Sun was about introductions, episode two, coming in on top at 15.5%, fleshed them out and added the rest of the teams that support Si-jin and Mo-yeon. Romance was the priority, but it didn’t feel like the show was beating us over the head with it. Instead, the romance that blossomed hit very real walls that were acknowledged by two adults who hold themselves to different belief systems and lifestyles. We all know that will change. The adventure is watching them learn what we already know.

Episode two transitioned the characters over to the fictional land of Uruk where Si-jin’s team is tasked with peacekeeping, and Mo-yeon’s team is charged with establishing a medical center to care for the locals. This was given in the promotional material, but the sweet part lies in how they get there. On the outside all we see is two people falling for each other, suffering through the trials of their difficult careers, and hoping for respite in romance that doesn’t come. We meet more of Mo-yeon’s friends: Doctor Lee Chi-hoon (Onew), Doctor Song San-hyeon (Lee Seung-joon), and Nurse Ha Jae-ae (Suh Jung-yeon). The three form an easy rapport with Song Hye-gyo that makes them all feel like old friends, and the immediate connection of the characters with each other and to the viewer is important if this story is going to accomplish what it has started out to do.

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