HanCinema Review: Descendants of the Sun Episode 3


After a long week of waiting, Descendants of the Sun has graced us with another episode that came in at an unheard of 23.4%. Again, I can’t iterate enough how slick and gorgeous it is or how fantastic the actors are in their roles. Song Joong-ki, despite his pretty face, is 100% masculine and in charge of his character while Song Hye-gyo owns the drastic change in hers. Not to mention that we finally get to see the beauty of Greece that plays the role of the country Uruk where the drama takes place. Please be sure to stick around for some home grown insight about Greece from Orion, HanCinema’s own Greek goddess.

The drama has a wonderful way of transitioning from scene to scene using objects as transitional material, very much like musical composers do with different motives and themes in songs. Its use of sound and light are the most noticeable (good) side effect of having time to produce. And, of course, there is the fact that the camera revels in the natural grandeur of Greece and its expansive waters and craggy, verdant islands. It really is stunning.

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