HanCinema Review: Descendants of the Sun Episode 5


Despite its lack of action, the romantic play of Descendants of the Sun has earned it another record-breaking rating: 27.4%. I find this rating rather incredible, but Song Joong-ki is a strong lead with the skills and the looks to carry the show along with Song Hye-kyo. The show also knows just how to pull the romantic strings to keep the interest going.

New faces were added this episode and older, lesser known faces got a few backstories of their own. Villain Argus is unsurprisingly linked with tragic hero Si-jin. They are two sides of the same coin with Si-jin acting as the undeniably noble and patriotic soldier. Argus blazanly threw away all that Si-jin preaches about to Mo-yeon: honor, valor, patriotism. Si-jin doesn’t have Mo-yeon convinced despite his charms, heroics, and romantic kitchen kisses. Truth be told, the back and forth between them is wearisome. They keep having the same fight over and over after every obstacle they encounter. I want more than that out of this show.

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