HanCinema Review: Descendants of the Sun Episode 10


With the romance firmly cemented by episode 9’s romantic antics and kisses, episode 10 introduces some major plot points to yank the drama back into action. Not that its ratings need more action – they’re consistently on the rise. This episode clocked in at 31.6%, 1.2% higher than last night’s episode. Descendants of the Sun is battling itself episode to episode for best ratings. Fancy choreography, intricate camerawork and a viral disease are in another tussle; one for the most exciting moment of the episode. It doesn’t lose the romantic flavors of last episode, but the hot points are definitely the action.

Argus isn’t quite as scary as I’d hoped even though he’s an arms dealer and a friend-turned-foe. His men are pugnacious and stupid, but their presence under Argus’ clever and Machiavellian guidance means that Si-jin, Mo-yeon, and the others are in danger whenever Argus turns his attentions upon them. He’s focusing on them now, although it should’ve been sooner in the show. The connection between Si-jin and Argus is a bit too coincidental, but it does provide for scintillating tensions between Si-jin and a man who provokes a deep gut reaction in our handsome hero. And Argus isn’t our only villain. Oh no.

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