The Versatile Blogger Award

by: Raine

Not only has Becoming Bitter (aka 14th-century Bitte, Bitter, Bitte and Mistress of Evil) nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, but now she has graciously bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award upon me.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

The requisites for this award include the following:

1) Award other bloggers who are worthy of the award.

  • MadDino – an Asian drama addict, programmer, and dweji-toki cap maker extraordinaire.
  • theJawaVillager – comedienne, fellow k-drama addict, and film reviewer.
  • Alua – a most eloquent film aficionado whose prose is enlightening and beautiful to read.
  • Min – a woman who shares her expertise on music, Asian drama and film.
  • cmrprindle – A writer of fanfiction, short stories and other interesting things.
  • cherkell – K-drama addict, slave to the legal system and incredible organizer of time.
  • As I am a relatively new blogger, I will add more wonderful bloggers to this list as time goes on.

2) Ensure that these lucky bloggers are aware of their new ranking in the blogging hall of fame.

3) Thank the wonderful soul who bestowed the nomination.

  • Please see above.

4) List seven interesting, random facts about oneself.

  • My favorite foods are steak and icecream.
  • I’m lactose intolerant. (Combine that with my favorite foods and we encounter a very big problem.)
  • I entered a writing contest in the newspaper in 2006 and won a trip to Europe.
  • I’ve been a gigging musician since I was twelve.
  • I’ve held over 15 jobs in 14 years.
  • I make collages. I currently have a picture collage as a border along 3/4 of my room. One of my collages is so large and heavy it has to be nailed onto the wall. I worked on it all throughout high school.
  • When I live in a place where it snows, I like to wake up at 4 in the morning, stand outside in my pajamas, boots and a fleece blanket wrapped around me and watch the snow fall. The silence that accompanies it is awing.

5) Display the award for all to see.

  • I have proudly posted it in my sidebar along with my first award.

To all other bloggers out there with whom I have bonded and come to cherish, if you were not nominated it was because you were previously nominated!


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7 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you for the nomination! I’ve never seen snow but I can imagine how it feels. Mornings are always the most magical part of the day. It’s quiet and unadulterated. Check this song out. It reminds me of a dark snowy morning after a loud, chaotic night.

    How do you embed videos in comments?

    • Just like you did. You click share beneath the video and copy and paste that directly into the comment. It’s embedded. 😀 I can hear that. It reminds me of going to shows in Colorado, you go inside for the concert and then outside to escape the heat and it would be snowing!

      Snow is amazing, but for us warm-blooded folk its a shock to the system.

  2. O_O Dongsaeng, you are so sweet. seriously, what an amazing post. THANK YOU! Makes me super glad to have met you.

    If I could pass it back, I would. Hey, you can have another honoray mention!

    • I meant every word RCU. I hope DB signs you on their site. I read some of the guest author recaps… they’re not bad (I don’t want to be mean), but… I would love (LOVE) it if you wrote one of those.

      I must know the moment they email you. Do they ever reply back to tweets?! I want to tweet them to check their email.

      • I would love to write one. Even if its just an older show. I really want to commit to a newer one, but I need better screencap software so I can screencap while its playing (ie without pausing which I do now)

  3. Love you Chingu-ya! Again you freaking deserved this award.

    No one else on WP blogs about cellos, musical pieces, rants, K-dramas, and a kitty (our dear Tommy) like you do.

    Another ❤ because so you're just that special.

    To other bloggers reading this comment, who comment on DramaBeans (DB)…
    If you love her recaps and writing like I do – Tell DB about it!
    Shoot them an email (no this was not a typo)

    – Mistress of Evil *pleased*

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