Happy Birthday, Deeno-yah!

by: Raine

A fluffy flowersaur sent me a scented parcel par avion. In it was an invitation to her birthday party to be held at the end of a rainbow with a few mystic butterflies. Of course, I tore it up right away, but it got me thinking. I couldn’t understand how there were any mystic butterflies left after the last episode of Rooftop Prince. My other friend Deeno has a nasty habit of plucking the wings off such things. Then I recalled that she has an unfortunate relation to that fluffy flowersaur.

It was then that I knew I had to gather the troops. Unlike Fluffy Deeno, the real Deeno has some pretty devoted minions speckling the globe. They have toiled hard to bring her messages full of blood, Vanness, well wishes and other such things.




The Jawa Villager


Deeno, you’re one of my earliest kdrama/blog chingus and you know how special you are. You provide the darkness, quirk, and dry humor required to offset the power of cheesy fluff prevalent in Asian drama. You make great recaps and come up with crazy creative ideas (remember the SS?) and I really really admire you for it. You have yet to introduce Mr. Deeno into any of your writings. I bet you could make that really interesting. OOh, or do a guest writer post! I dunno, but since you’re the only one (near our age group) that’s married, I’ve often wondered what Mr. Deeno makes out of all of this. Does he watch K/T/J drama with you?

Anyways, I hope that you’re surrounded by people who you love and care about this year, and that they give you LOTS OF NICE PRESENTS. ESPECIALLY a certain Mr. Deeno. Give your alter-ego Fluffy my regards. Don’t ignore her, buy her something nice and pink. It’s her birthday too. 🙂



Dear Deeno,

Happy Birthday! Just getting to know you lately although I’ve been checking out your blog for a while and always laugh at your comments on OT.  By alerting me to the existence of the #wuniverse, you have earned my gratitude and appreciation.  By being funny and exactly yourself, you have earned my admiration.  (Don’t you feel special now?)

Keep on doing you – it’s a wonderful thing to see.  I hope that this year brings you all that you wish for, and that random pink and fluffy things are noticeably absent!

~ JoAnne


Happy bloody birthday 😀


Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris

Dearest, most lovely dinosaur,

It has been my honor to flirt with your appliances during the recaps for that time-traveling Panda. I’m not quite sure why you and Raine decided to cover a show about Panda’s rather than one about appliances, but it was a learning experience for me. I never thought that I would be used as a guard machine against other mechanical beings because it doesn’t list that as one of my functions on the box, but I just consider it another sexy side of me to show off to the ladies.

Ah yes, this is about you. Izvinite. (Sorry.)

Have a most lovely birthday and I hope you get many new appliances as gifts.

Love your most devoted answering machine,



Dearest Deeno,


If my memory serves me right, our first communication was when I joined your screencap scenes. That was really fun! I’ve always enjoyed visiting your site because you don’t just talk about and recap Korean dramas. It’s not a lie when I say that your site is in my Top 3 most visited sites.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Deeno!

Keep on being the writer extraordinaire that you are. Your murderous tendencies are so much fun to read and I look forward to hearing more good things about you. All the best, noona!

Wishing you 1000 episodes worth of happiness,



Happy Birthday, Deeno!

Wow, 25 was such a great year for me.  Lots of great memories.  So here goes; the Russian version of birthday wishes that my sister in law taught me.

Deeno, I love your off-beat sense of humor.  Even the dark humor makes me smile!  I love that you love Kdramas as much as I do, even if they aren’t the same ones.  I love that you and Raine do such a fun job on your joint recaps, always entertaining.  YOu make me smile or laugh almost every day, and I’ve never met you.  :0)

My wishes for you for the coming year:  Lots of love, lots of fun.  A kdrama with a body count and a villain or two that you can really get behind.  Health, prosperity and happiness this year and always.


Kdrama love;

Shel :0)



So is time to celebrate the birthday of a purple dino with a taste for blood, an obsession with killing cute furry things such as bunnies and puppies (at least in fiction), melodramas, and a great drama watching companion.  However, she surprised me the other day when for the first time ever I “saw” her drooling over a shower scene. Even though it was just an exception, her now crush Lee Tae-sung.  It was then when I realized the our Deeno had grown so much thanks to the influence of her fellow drama lovers, and in particular on Raine.

Uri dongsaeng is all grown now, don’t you all think so too?

생일 축하합니다 Deeno

So apparently people like blood-obsessed, Vanness-loving, murderer-worshiping, character-killing dinosaurs. I suppose I do, too. It’s been my pleasure getting to know you, writing with you, and generally becoming your friend and getting closer with you. I hope this is your best birthday ever and that you get lots of cookies and cake.

Also, here’s a link to Deeno’s blog. Give it a visit. We bloggers love that and since it’s her birthday, it would be a lovely gift.

Deeno-yah, here’s to you. *hands a vial of blood taken from my left foot* The earth has been blessed with 25 years of your fun, quirky existence and we are glad to be a part of it! Here’s our tribute to you and your birthday.

생일 축하합니다!!!

Bonne Anniversaire!!!

Selamat Ulang Tahun!!!


Buon Compleanno!!!

Feliz Cumpleaños!!!


10 responses to “Happy Birthday, Deeno-yah!”

  1. Deeno, Happy Birthday! Go all out and celebrate like craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!
    (—-still a little hungover from friends party last night—:LOL)
    Love your site. ^^

    • My little brother is taking me out for dinner tomorrow. I have yet to decide where. I’m not much of a partyier, but I bought goods to make strawberry rhubarb crisp. Oh how I wish I could get fresh rhubarb year round, but May is really the best season for it.

    • It’s here! Don’t worry. Mr. Dino did show up in one of the screencap scenes, but I made him a villain and I killed him off.

      Mr. Dino doesn’t watch dramas. *cries* We do watch a few American shows together. Especially on Sundays as we chow down on veggies. Or in today’s case strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! *hugs*

      • oh…i didn’t read the last few additions. lol.
        Tell Mr. Dino off from me. No dramas? oohh, make him listen to kpop/drama osts in his sleep. That’ll do the trick. 🙂

  2. Oh no, I forgot Mystisith…I mean, Mystisith is more loved because she gets her own comment. I kept skipping over your message because of the huge old dino attached to it. Now had you attached Vanness or Tae Mu. I might have stopped and read it. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. Just for you. *hugs*

  3. Yay! She likes it! Don’t use all that blood in one go!

    Imma stop typing today after this.

    They do look like aliens. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    *takes advantage of the one day a year that a princess can hug a Dino! HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*

    PS u cant have Boris!

  4. Ai! Thank you everyone!


    I’ll try to watch something that is supposed to have dead bodies in it this year. Even if I tend to like them in romantic comedies. I’m not sure about this kid thing, maybe if it was as cute as Xiao Xiao Bin above. I feel like like I have enough evil personalities. I don’t think I want them to take physical manifestations just yet. It’s been so fun getting to know you, one of the many true Pig Rabbits. Thank you.


    Thanks! It has been getting to know you too and watch you get sucked into the #wuniverse. I’ll keep working hard at being myself and bringing joy and evil laughter to the world. I’ll keep the pink fluffy to a minimum.


    Every day is a bloody day with Deeno, but thanks for making this one happy.


    Does a smartphone count? Ha! Look, Raine, he’s switched to my side. He’s my answering machine now. 😛


    *melts into a puddle of noona goop* There ought to be a warning on that word. It makes me blush that my site is in your top three. You’re soooo cute and your comment made me so happy. I don’t care if I’m a vicious dinosaur, *wraps in a noona hug*


    Thank you so much! I’ll do my best to keep you laughing in the coming year and you keep being so motherly and awesome! *hugs*


    Ooooo…poetry! Aren’t dramas amazing. I never thought I’d have friends all over the world. And they all want to dance with me even if they risk getting bloodstains on their clothes.


    I’m growing. When I can take a break from staring at Lee Tae Sung…and Vanness.


    Last but not least (or so she likes think :P). Actually that vial of blood may make her the best ever. *hugs while wiping away the glistening…blood…from her face* Thank you for being my friend! It’s been and will be so much fun writing with you. Thank you for putting this post together. It really made my day. And you better not break your fingers by typing any more. You’ll be in big trouble. Fluffy Deeno will have to come visit you with flower if you don’t comply. Mwhahahahahaha!

    Sidenote: Am I the only one that thinks the the balloons look like aliens? They even have eves. They are probably watching me only now that I’ve mentioned it they will shift their attention to you.

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