Recapping Plans

by: Raine

So it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to recap that’s currently airing. My dilemma is threefold this summer.

  1. I had surgery on my hands so recapping is just plain ol’ physically taxing.
  2. I’m going to England from June 21 to July 11. (No, I’m not recapping on vacation although you will get update posts.)
  3. I’m moving from Florida to Colorado…and I’m driving. That’s 2000 miles!

Now, recapping currently airing shows was kinda fun (and stressful) and I really want to continue. But I also have three retrocaps I’ve been working on for ages that I would really like to finish. So here’s what I’m gonna do:

  1. I’m going to cover KBS2’s Big until I leave, then catch up as I will.
  2. I’m going to work on my retrocaps and hopefully get a few set up for while I’m away. (Retrocaps are Padam Padam, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor and White Christmas)

There you have it. Mostly this summer is as I will. Thanks for reading and supporting the Dichotomy!

8 responses to “Recapping Plans”

  1. Seung-gi will be one of the torch bearers at the London Olympics….right around the time you’re headed there!! Just wanted to let you know if you were, errr, interested in stalking him or something!! 😀

    Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Safe journey to colorado, interesting ride along the way ?. show some awesome pictures if you can and have an enjoyable trip to the olympic – ENGLAND !!.

  3. I’ll come by for the big issue. Gotta find a place to roost for A gentleman’s dignity which bowled me over since min1. Oooh how much I am living that show =0) Any way, hope you recover full use of your arms soon.

  4. sounds like you’ll be busy busy in the next few months 😮
    driving 2000 miles sounds like it could potentially be a fun fun roadtrip!
    looking forward to big! that show sounds awesome.

    • Super busy! And that road trip is awesome. You cover like fifteen states depending on which way you go. I’ve gone several ways (I’m a big roadtripper…my car hates me!) I get my bandages off this week and I want to put together a character intro for Big.

      After I finish the drugs, I’ll share a cold one with you!

  5. Raine…. O_o hope you’ll get thru this summer n hv a wonderful vacation! Pray that you operation will go well n you’ll hv speedy recovery. Really enjoyed yr recaps. N really happy to read them n thought you put it. Will follow yr blog as usual. I am looking forward for big too for I too love Gong yoo ^__^.. ciao

  6. Great! Tweet a picture from your travels! Always wanted to go to England especially since I fell in love with a British show called Doc Martin! But alas, not going to happen for a long, long time. I’ve been planning a trip to India for 2 years and its not happened yet! CO?! Envious! Loved it when I went there 2 years ago!

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